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Not having children of our own, we read Uncommon Beauty with interest and compassion.  Once I started, I couldn't put it down.  You've compiled an outstanding library of details re. medical care and your own emotions that will be of great help to others in a similar situation.  Thank YOU! for sharing your experience with all of us. - Jack Butterick

Uncommon Beauty - Crisis Parenting From Day One, Margaret Meder's journey caring for her special needs child, is one that should be read by ALL parents, not just those who have faced medical challenges with their children. Her excellent and straightforward writing is approachable for all, and reading about her unique situation will certainly inspire all parents to take a closer look at how they handle their family's individual challenges.

Not only have I met Margaret and her son, I am also the parent of a special needs child, so I can relate to the patience she exhibits and the compassion she has for ALL children, not those who have special needs.

Margaret's story of love beyond all and compassion in the midst of tough times is inspirational and joyous.

Whether your child has issues with bedwetting, ADHD, temper tantrums or just bedtime issues--YOUR challenges are YOURS alone. And Margaret's story of "crisis parenting" can certainly have an impact on how you address your parenting skills and your approaches to your children.

There's a lesson here for all parents--or even those hoping to become parents someday. You live, you love, you deal with what you are dealt. And having compassion and strength can get you through more than you ever thought.

Meet a charming author and her delightful little boy, Evan, through this exceptional work on non-fiction. Especially nice production value, as well, from a small independent publisher. - Sharon Verbeten

"I am in the midst of reading Uncommon Beauty and even though it is written from the standpoint of being a caregiver to a “medically fragile child” I find that the book could be speaking to anyone in a crisis situation. I am only 1/2 way through the book and would highly recommend it to anyone! I believe that Margaret would be the ideal recipient of this scholarship she has so much to share and I know that she would learn as much as she could to help strengthen her mission of outreach as well. Thank you!"  - Nancy Hacker

This book is a must-read not only for parents of special needs children, but for anyone who knows and loves a child who faces unique challenges in life. The layout and style of writing makes it easy for a busy parent to pick it up and easily identify the section that is most relevant at the time. The author's "never give up" attitude is a model for all parents. - Catherine

"I’ve been reading Uncommon Beauty.  Wow, it’s really a good book and has a lot of tips about life in general.  I would recommend to “everyone”.  Meder gives so many tips on many things in life and to hear what someone is going through is amazing.  It is a reminder of our own health crisis and what we went through. We could have used some of her same suggestions as far as documenting, listening, questioning, getting 2nd opinions…it’s really great.  And it teaches you what to do, say or how to help if you know someone going through this or any situations."  - Holly

Margaret Meder's book, Uncommon Beauty, is and will be a real asset for anyone who is "crisis parenting". Pediatritians should all have a copy ready to give new parents in crisis situations. Margaret Meder has a gift for writing. I look forward to future books from her. - Marie Filer

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