Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Some days take a magical turn. Last Friday was one of those days. The magic started when Evan got off the bus after school and declared, “I want to go to the park”.
Not on my agenda, but it was a beautiful spring day. I agreed, “Great idea! A friend is stopping by for a minute and then we can go.”

My friend stopped by and insisted that we couldn’t go to the park empty handed. We usually go the park empty handed, but I allowed the moment to go where it wanted to go. Peter magically produced a brand new space shuttle kite from the trunk of his car. I was a bit apprehensive because I hadn’t actually flown a kite since I was about 7 years old. Was I coordinated enough to actually get this thing in the air?

We set off to the park, kite in hand. We assembled it together in the large vacant soccer field. The breeze threatened to carry the kite away before I attached the string. We were both excited about the promising weather conditions. We threw the kite up into the air. Abracadabra – the breeze lifted it up and we began letting out more and more string.

Evan laughed and immediately took control of the string. He ran across the entire soccer field as the kite flew higher and zig zagged back and forth. The power of the wind and sky was harnessed in his own two hands. 

Randy and Jonathan saw us as they drove home from school. Jonathan hopped out and ran to join us. Randy went home to make dinner (more magic). Jonathan was thrilled by the power of the kite being pulled up higher and higher. We paused by the playground to catch our breath.

Our neighbors, with their son who goes to school with Evan, heard that we were at the park and came to meet us there. The mom had never flown a kite and she took a turn at the fun. She too felt the exhilaration of the experience. The three boys played, the parents talked. Time stood still for a moment, magically, and we all reveled in the spring afternoon.

Here is what I am sharing from this experience. Go get a kite - it is a bargain for $1.99 (or less).  You don’t need an expensive one. Put everything aside and go to the park. Soak in the spring and the exhilaration of sending a kite high up into the sky. Accept the magic of every day, in whatever forms appear to you.

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