Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm a Winner

The message of the day at Victory Olympics 2012 (May 17th) was "I'm a Winner!"
Last week Evan, along with some of his teachers and friends from school, and I took part in this activity-filled day in Gillett, Wisconsin. The participants tried tons of sporting events and felt the joy of winning. The message "I'm a winner" was cheered at the opening ceremonies, echoed throughout the day with each activity, and was proudly written on the medals all the kids wore home at the end of the day.  The first thing Evan said to his Dad when he got home was "I'm a Winner!"  Isn't winning a great feeling?  The kids who face extraordinary challenges every day (many are like Evan and continually have a smile and a determined attitude) are true winners.  Every moment of every day they learn how to succeed in a world that just isn't geared for their particular personal reality. To the folks who organized our day at Victory Olympics and the sponsors who supported it - thank you for creating a day geared just for our kids who face extraordinary challenges every moment of every day.  

This is a message we need to keep sending - you are a winner!

Horseback riding was Evan's favorite part of the day.

Loved bouncing.

Gotta get a trike like this!

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Peter said...

Thank you Marg. You are truly transforming the concept of who is a winner, and what winning is all about.